Below are answers to a few common problems. If you have other problems, please contact me here.

How do I cancel my membership?
=> Click Here to go to CCBill.
Can I watch videos on my iPhone or Android phone? => Yes. My videos stream using HTML5 for mobile devices.
I can't watch the videos! => People with modern devices and a decent connection should have no trouble watching the videos. We offer streaming videos (HTML5 and Flash for older PCs) and h.264 MP4 (.mp4) videos for downloading. This format is the most common and provides the best quality for a given file size. Players are available for either Windows PC's or Macs.

If you are able to view the streaming preview video in our free area, you will be able to view the streaming videos in the member's area.

If you need a good, versatile, free video player, we suggest VLC Media Player. It comes in versions for both Mac and Windows and plays almost all video formats. If you need to get it or another player, they are available for free here:
All our videos can be downloaded. To download a video, choose the desired file format and:
  • Windows: [right-click the link] => ["Save File As"]
  • Mac: [control-click and hold] => ["Download Link to Disk"]
Save the video to your hard-drive and then open it in the appropriate viewer.

To test if your system can play our downloadable videos, use the links below to save the sample videos to your hard-drive and then open them in the appropriate viewer.

My password doesn't work! => Your password is cAse-SensiTive make sure it's being entered correctly. Entering your password incorrectly too many times or sharing your password will get your account blocked by our security system. If you continue to have problems, click here to notify us.
I don't have a credit card?
Can I join?
=> Sure! You can use On-line Checks! Click Here!

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